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Function of General Administration

Eastern Railway General Administration looks after the overall train operation, budget, projects and construction activities. It also deals the legal matters, vigilance matters, RTI cases, staff welfare and all sorts of media and press activities including public relations.

The General Administration or in fact the entire railway is governed by the General Manager assisted by the Additional General Manager. The General Administration has one Principal Head of the Department (PHOD) under whose direct supervision, the legal cell and the vigilance cell work. 

At present, in General Administration, apart from GM and AGM, we have 1 PHOD (Joint Secretary level), 6 SG/JAG (Dy. Secretary level), 8 Sr. Scale (Under Secretary level) and 11 Jr. Scale officers assisted by several Senior and Junior Supervisors and ministerial staff.

General Administration organises and supervises all functions of Hon'ble Minister for Railways, Hon'ble State Ministers for Railways, Railway Board, all parliamentary committees, all non railway organisation including foreign railway delegations, all national days observance, passenger committees etc. It also looks after and coordinates the matters relating to legal issues, vigilance activities, territorial army, civil defence and public grievance. The functions of railway museum at Howrah is also controlled by the General Administration.  

Duties of Officers and Staff working under General Administration

General Manager
Additional General Manager
Senior Deputy General Manager
Secretary to General Manager
Deputy General Manager (General)
Chief Public Relations Officer
Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer/Engineering
Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer/Traffic
Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer/Stores
Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer/Electrical 
Deputy Secretary/special
Deputy Secretary/General
Deputy Secretary/Complaints
Deputy Secretary/Pass
Public Relations Officer/P
Public Relations Officer/G
Senior Law Officer/IC
Assistant Secretary/Special Works
Assistant Secretary to General Manager

Application for issue of Retired Railway Officials s' Identity Card for post Retirement /Widow Complimentary Pass

Vigilance Officer/Accounts
Assistant Vigilance Officer/Mechanical & Stores
Assistant Vigilance Officer/Engineering
Assistant Vigilance Officer/Traffic
Assistant Vigilance Officer/Electrical 
Principal Personal Secretary to General Manager
Personal Secretary to General Manager
Principal Personal Secretary to Additional General Manager
Senior Law Officer/Head Quarters
Assistant Deputy General Manager/Special
Personal Secretary to Senior Deputy General Manager

Availability of Officers' Rest House at Kolkata 

Technical Assistant to Additional General Manager
Technical Assistant to Secretary to General Manager
Commercial Inspector/Right to Information
Senior Section Engineer/Computer
Protocol Inspector-I/Pass Section
Protocol Inspector-II/Pass Section
Protocol Inspector-II/General Manager
Chief Office Superintendent/General
Chief Office Superintendent/Works
Office Superintendent/Parliamentary Affairs
Office Superintendent/ZRUCC
Office Superintendent/GM's Secretariat

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-10-2017