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Manufacturing Organisation

Sri Tarun Kumar/ Dy.CME(Mfg)

Headed by Dy.Chief Mechanical Engineer (Mfg.)


  • BLC Manufacturing,

  • Boxn-HL Wagon Mfg

  • ICF Bogie Manufacturing

  • Fabrication items like Side Wall, End Wall, BOXN Door & others

  • Various Component manufacturing for Wagon POH.



      BLC & BOXN HL manufacturing  cost  is  comparable to  any other wagon manufacturer on Indian Railways.
  • Motorized Manipulators  for  BOXN HL under frame.
  • Motorized manipulator with hydraulic lifting arrangement for BLC underframe.
  •  Underwater Plasma Cutting being utilized for better finish more versatile & less joints.
  • Automatic MIG welding of sole bar introduced by Jamalpur for the first time in IR.
  • PLASMA cutting introduced 1st time in JMP workshop for stainless steel plate cutting.
  • No complaints in BOXN HL wagons.
  • Clamp down fixture  are  used  for  better flatness of wagons.
  • Sub-merge welding of Centre Sill.
  • Cycle time of BLC wagon manufacturing has been reduced from 21 days to 16 days.


  Orders in Manufacturing at a glance 

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-09-2017