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Product / 20 T Crane

20 Tone Diesel Crane is a Rail Mounted, Diesel operated, BG (Broad Gauge) transportation crane. The crane is extensively used by Mechanical Department of Indian Railway in sick lines for maintenance of wagons/coaches and Transportation Department Indian Railway for handling of Goods.

First 20T Diesel Crane was manufactured in 1980-81, and total 4 nos. were manufactured upto 82-83 with mechanical control system.

Later the control system was changed to Pneumatic as per RDSO Specification No. CR.D.122/90. Since 89-90 the shop has been manufacturing the 20 Tonne cranes as per this specification and has manufactured many such crane.


Future Planning:

There are a total of 16 20T cranes sanctioned in the RSP. Out of these 8 nos. for ER has already been taken under manufacture and is scheduled to be turned out during 2002-05. 

For the rest cranes a design of 20T Hydraulic crane has already been finalized by Jamalpur in consultation with RDSO. All future production of the cranes will be done as per the new design subject to success of prototype of the first crane.

Crane Specification

Load free on rail:
  • To lift 10  T on 5 m radius

  • To lift 8.5 T on 5.5 m radius

  • To lift 6.5T on 6 m radius

  • To lift 6 T on 7 m radius

  • To lift 5.5 T on 7.5 m radius

  • To lift 5 T on 8 m radius

  • To lift 4.5 T on 8.5 m radius

Axle load in running order16 Tonnes
Wheel dia915 mm
Tail radius3.5 meters
Block up base width across the track4 meters
Out reach

(a) FORE - 1.17 meters

(b) AFT - 1.17 meters 

Range of lift at 5 meter radius7 meters above rail level to the inside of the hook and 2 meters below the rail level.
Operating speeds: 
Hoisting speed with capacity load15 meters per minute
Max. travelling speed with 10T load at the hook under its own power6 kmph
Normal travelling speed under its own power10 kmph
Slewing speed2 RPM
Derricking speedfrom running height to min. radius in 1 minute
Hauling speed75 kmph
Maximum super elevation140 mm
Tare weight60 T approximate
Jib radius9145 mm
Wheel base5080 mm
Diesel EngineAshoke Leyland Type ALU-680, 6 cylinders, 140HP, 1800 RPM
Torque covertorKPC make type 6-S-1512-1
Cardon shaftC B W 307. 40 -series
BrakePneumatic and hand brake
Battery24 volts

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-09-2011