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Name: Shri. Prabhas Dansana 
Designation : Divisional Railway Manager/Sealdah
Tel.(off) : 033-23505090
Fax : 033-23504993

Office Address:
Divisional Railway Managers's Office,
DRM Building
Eastern Railway 
Sealdah Division
Kaiser Street ,
Kolkata 700014

Job Profile:

Divisional Railway Manager is the Administrative Head and Chief Executive Officer of the Division. He is in overall charge of day-to-day train operations, maintenance of track, locomotives, coaches, wagons, station buildings and other fixed assets within the jurisdiction of the division. She is assisted by Additional Divisional Railway Manager and branch officers of the commercial, operating, safety, electrical, civil engineering, mechanical, signalling and telecom, security, personnel, medical, stores and accounts departments.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-04-2018